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Cancellations and Returns

If you would like to know the delivery timescale of an item, Please contact our support team via the support inbox. Some items are Made to order and some are also Shipped direct from supplier which can add delays to the order. For up to date accurate information please get in touch to avoid the fees detailed below

At St Albans Car Clinic (SCC) we pride ourselves on not only our service, but our products!
We believe in everything that we offer and know that you will be satisfied with your purchase.
However, We also understand that sometimes an issue can occur!
If you experience any problems with a SCC product that you have purchased, all you have to do is simply contact our online support team via Email - The address is
Upon receipt of your message, our warranty team will investigate the issue at hand, This may include the following:
-Video / Photo of the guilty product not working in the car
-Questions to gather our own interpretation of what has happened to the product
-We may ask you to complete a few tasks to test the item to gather whether it is faulty item or another issue.
-SCC May ask you to return the item for us to run our own tests and determine the fault prior to repair/replacement. If upon the item being returned we find a fault, we will reimburse you the customer for the return postage. If no faults are found, we will not reimburse you for the return postage and you may be charged to have the item returned to yourself.
The list above is an example of what we may ask. This is not to get out of the warranty, but more to ensure that a warranty replacement is required, as more often than not we can resolve the issue by a few simple adjustments and tests.
SCC may ask you to return the damaged / faulty item to us so we can look at rectifying any future issues!
SCC Warranty only applies to the original order and is none transferable. EG: If you purchase a SCC Product second hand from a SCC Customer, the warranty expires.
Changes, Modifications & further damage caused to items by your own doing are not covered under warranty. Please do not attempt to repair or change an item from its delivered state as this will void warranty!
Repeat Warranty: Should an item fail and be replaced within its guarantee period, then the replacement fail again this is still covered under warranty. However, The warranty period does not start again, it starts from the date of the original purchase!
Example: You purchase on the 1st January 2020 and have a 2 year warranty ending on the 31st December 2021. Item fails on the 16th June 2021 and still has 6 months warranty remaining, the replacement that is issued has warranty but the guarantee still expires on the 31st December 2021.
**Please Note**
As per our terms and conditions, SCC reserves the right to refuse to provide warranty to our customers if we feel it is not appropriate to do so. We will not make this decision lightly and our reasoning for declining a warranty replacement will be detailed to the affected customer.
Customers who take to social media & leave negative reviews to slander SCC products and reputation may not be eligible for a warranty claim, especially where the opportunity to resolve the issue was not first allowed.
Fitting Costs:
Unfortunately SCC can not be held liable or expected to refund any fitting or installation costs of parts which have developed a fault. Under the laws of distance selling our warranty expectations lie solely with the product at hand, and if a fault is evidenced and accepted under the warranty policy this item may be refunded / replaced, but any subsequent labour costs are not covered under the warranty policy!
In House Fitting:
Any issues which arise or are claimed to arise as a result of installation at SCC must be brought back to SCC for rectification. SCC will not cover the costs of labour or any other costs as a result of a customer taking the vehicle elsewhere to be viewed. Any claims of losses due to a customer taking a vehicle elsewhere are not covered under this policy!
The vehicle MUST be brought to SCC in the light of any suspected issues, and if a fault or issue is found, then SCC MAY reimburse the customer!
By purchasing from and / or arranging a booking at SCC you agree fully to the above warranty guidelines!

Please note: Some brands have their own specific return policies in place which are reflected in our policies below - Please ensure you check this!
(R1.1) Should you change your mind, or no longer require the item you have purchased within the first 28 days of receiving the goods; You can return your item to us for a refund or exchange. You must notify SCC within 14 days of purchase that you wish to return it. Once we have been notified, you have a further 14 days - or up to 28 days from date of purchase for the goods to be back in our possession!
If the item does not arrive straight away: We must be notified of your intent to return - and have the items back in our possession within 14 days of the goods being delivered to yourself!
Request for a return after 14 days, or goods received back after 28 days will not be accepted - As per Section 22 Sub Section 3 of the consumer rights act 2015
Please note: The item you are returning must not have been removed from the packaging or used in any way. Damaged, marked or removed packaging will result in a refund being refused. The item must be returned to SCC in the manner it was sent. Duck/Duct tape must not be used what so ever!
(R1.2) Please Note: Returns are subject to a restocking fee of 20% - This will be deducted from your refund upon receipt of the returned items. SCC will not cover the shipping cost of the returned item nor will we refund the shipping from SCC to yourself as this was a service which was provided, and can not be returned!
The re-stocking fee is calculated as follows. Total Sale Value, Minus Shipping costs, Minus any discounts used, Minus 20% = amount refunded
(R1.3 ) We may in some cases opt to waive the restocking fee - However this decision will be made by our returns team upon receipt of the return. Please be advised that if we waive the fee once as a goodwill gesture this does not guarantee future waivers and this is a goodwill gesture from SCC.
(R1.4) Any third party items (Such as Milltek, Scorpion, Cobra, Maxton Design etc) MUST be returned to us in their original packaging. We will refuse return of items that are not returned to us in their original box and/or packaging! This also applies if the Box / packaging is damaged to the point where it can not be sent out looking like a "Brand New" item!
(R1.5) Simply contact our support team to arrange a return and we can get proceedings underway, However be advised that the return is at the cost to the customer!
(R1.6) SCC can in no way reimburse you for return postage, further to this; if a refund is granted it will only be for the amount of the product, and not the outbound postage costs.
(R1.7) Returns where this is as a result of an item arriving damaged or faulty - SCC must be notified within 14 days of delivery. If you believe the item is used, damaged or faulty and do not notify us within 14 days, a claim may be invalid.
If you install an item that is damaged, this then waives the right to return. All items should be inspected thoroughly for damage and / or marks prior to install, as this makes it black and white as to whether the damage occurred during transit or once installed! If you choose to install a damaged item without inspecting it first then unfortunately this waives any return as we can not prove otherwise. It is important to check every delivered item thoroughly!

(R1.8) Any Sale,Special or Made to order items can not be returned - this is not always on the listing but will be communicated with the customer before processing of the order

(R1.9) Where the Re-Stocking Fee is waivered - the cancellation fee will apply, information of this is detailed below!
(R1.10) Any Glass lighting from SCC, such as Halogen, HID, BiXenon or similar can not be returned. Unfortunately if the glass gets contaminated with dust or finger prints their lifespan is reduced by almost 95%, Once received these can not be returned!
(R1.11) Any item that has is sealed, with a sticker stating "No Return If Seal Removed" is none returnable

Maxton Design Specific Return Policies:
Original condition - We must make sure a product is in its original condition before it can be returned to us. If the protective film is removed it will void a return. Similarly, all of our products have holographic verification stickers, if this is removed, we cannot accept a return either.
Fitting kits / Manuals – If a customer returns a product and it does not include a fitting kit or manual, Maxton deduct a £10 fee. There is a £10 fee because if a customer wishes to purchase a kit from us, this is how much it will cost.
Packaging - Items not sent back in their original undamaged Maxton Design Box may be refused

Cancelling an order prior to dispatch!

(C1.1) Should you wish to cancel an order prior to dispatch you will be eligible for a refund in line with the below cancellation policies.
(C1.2) Contact our support team at with your order reference, the item(s) you wish to cancel as well as the cancellation reason.
(C1.3) If the item is a made to order or Sale item, you will not be able to cancel the order and once received will be able to return the item to ourselves subject to our return policy! This applies (but is not limited) to items such as Suspension Kits, Exhausts, Alloy Products, silicone hoses & stickers etc
(C1.4) Request for cancellation must be made within 14 days of the order being placed, Any request for cancellation after 14 days can not be actioned, as per the Consumer rights act.
(C1.5) Those whom are notified of a delay to an order and choose to either continue to wait, or do not respond to the notification within 24 hours the order will be processed as normal. By Agreeing to wait for the item(s) on the order this waives your right to cancellation subject to the Consumer Rights Act.
Charges incurred from Cancelling an order:
(C1.6) As per the CMA Guidelines issued by the UK Government ( Consumer Law states that as a business, Certain losses ascertained as a result of an order cancelled by a customer due to their own change of mind or circumstances can be retained by the business in the form of a "Cancellation Fee" - This is to recover losses incurred in the form of fee's or administration!

The calculation of the fee is as follows:
%XX Incurred from Payment Provide (Credit card / Paypal) + %YY Incurred from Payment Gateway (Our Provider) + %1 Administration / Staff Charge
PayPal Example: If your order totalled £500 and you paid by PayPal, The fee from Paypal is £9.80 (1.9% + £0.30) - The fee from the payment gateway is £5 (1%) and the Admin charge is £5 (1%) - total deduction of £19.80
Card Example: If your order totalled £500 and you paid by Card, The fee from Card Provider is £9.70 (1.9% + £0.20) - The fee from the payment gateway is £5 (1%) and the Admin charge is £5 (1%) - total deduction of £19.70

Why is this charged?
As of 5th March 2020, PayPal no longer refunded fee's to the seller in the event of a refund. As a result, when SCC refund your cancelled order, the Fee's charged from both PayPal and the Payment Gateway are lost by SCC.
This has always been the case with debit & credit card providers.

When is this not charged?
Deductions are not made from refunds when the refund is as a result of warranty issues - If the cancellation is requested within 24 working hours of the order being placed, SCC will waiver the 1% Admin / Staff charge.

Why am i paying an Admin / Staffing charge?
As a result of your cancellation, Our team will need to take action to cancel your order, whether this is as simple as pulling the order from our own production schedule, or more intense where it involves contacting suppliers to ensure that the order is stopped. This unfortunately incurs a cost to the business and as that cost is incurred due to a change of mind from the customer, British consumer law allows for charge providing it falls within a genuine estimate of the businesses direct loss!

What if i paid by Finance?:
If you paid by Finance then the cost of arranging the finance will be deducted from the refund (Detailed Below) as well as the Payment Gateway (1%) and Admin Fee (1%) as unfortunately the Finance provider deducts this from our refund amount.
Deko Arrangement Fee: 6%
Klarna Arrangement Fee: 5%
Omni Capital Arrangement Fee: 8%

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