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The latest Revo badges are designed to suit all vehicles with their OEM look and announce that your vehicle is far from standard. The 3D profile and modular design allow you to custom arrange the badges to suit your setup. Starting with the "Revo" logo badge, you can add on the stages or Performance Pack badges as your build progresses.

Key Features
  • Announcing your Revo tuned
  • Unconfirmed horsepower gains
  • Modular design, allowing you to change and add
  • Self-adhesive backing
  • 3D-design
  • Chrome edge and lip, with colour inlay
Revo logo

The main logo badge is where it all starts. The classic black and red logo with a chrome border will suit any colour vehicle and can be placed anywhere, although we would recommend the boot. The 3D badge comes with Self-adhesive backing and is easy to fit.

Size: 80mm x 20mm

Revo Logo Badge
Stage Spacer Badge

Profiled to fit alongside the main Revo badge, the stage spacer gives a contrast in colour between the red "o" and the red stage badges.

Size: 11mm x 20mm

Revo Stage Spacer
Stage Badge

Let people know what stage software you are running on your Revo tuned vehicle. Add on as many as you need as your build progresses, all the way to stage 5 for some vehicles, just make sure you leave enough room.

Size: 7mm x 20mm

Revo Stage Badge
Stage+ Badge

We also offer "plus" stages for some software, for example on the 2.0 TFSI platform. For this reason, we don't want you to miss out, so have added a small "+" to our stage badges.

Size: 7mm x 20mm

Performance Pack Badge

The exclusive Revo "PP" badge is for those that have upgraded to a full Revo Performance Pack. Software and hardware that's been optimised to work together and offer the best possible performance for your vehicle. Now you can finally shout about your vehicle's performance.

Size: 32mm x 20mm

Revo Performance Pack Badge
ETR Badge

You already know the exhilarating performance of our ETR Turbos, but know it's time to announce you in the exclusive ETR Club. Contoured to fit next to the main Revo badge.

Size: 32mm x 20mm

Revo ETR Badge
Vehicle Applications
ManufacturerModelEngineYear All All All All
Revo Badges


  1. Simply peel and stick to your vehicle
  2. All parts sold individually

Please contact your local Revo Authorised Dealer for additional information and availability.

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