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Dummy OBD Port - Plug and Play 5 Min Fit

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Product code: OBDSTMK7


These are made using new genuine Ford OBD ports. These ports are not normally available unless you purchase an entire wiring loom. After feedback from customers wires are now wrapped in the same canvas tape Ford use on their wiring looms and use Bi coloured wires so it will look identical the original when fitted.

Fitting is this easy.....

Firstly unclip your original port and clip the dummy in its place. Then plug the red connector on the dummy into your genuine port. Now relocate the original to a place of your choosing out of sight to a thief. Now using the cable ties supplied strap the dummy lead to your cars wiring loom to make it look like the original port.

If connected to, the port will power up the criminals equipment but obviously will not be able to read data. He will think it's the original port and that it has been somehow blocked so he will not think about looking for the original which you have relocated behind the dash - at this stage they are unlikely to hang around to hunt for it.

"If a criminal was to break into your car with the dummy port fitted the alarm would go off. They will connect their kit. It would power up just like the real port but nothing else would happen. They would not be able to turn off the alarm or release the doors dead locks. They won't want to be climbing through the window into your car where they can't make a quick getaway to work out why their kit isn't working. Worst case scenario is you get a broken window but at least your car will not get stolen."

This OBD plug will fit all MK3 Ford Focus models and all Ford Fiesta MK7 & 7.5 models including the ST 180, ST 200, Focus RS and Focus ST 250 pre and post facelift.

Please note this lead will fit the Transit Custom upto 2016 EU5 with the white OBD port but will not fit the 2017 EU6 as the OBD port is not removable.

The Reason you should fit this to your car !!!

The On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) port is the portal to the vehicles information and generally required to provide access to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) or ‘brain’ of a vehicle during maintenance and servicing. This is where your service agent will plug their computer/diagnostic machine in to run diagnostics and carry out updates or checks on your vehicle.

Most vehicles taken without keys are stolen using devices which plug into the OBD port. These intelligent devices ‘hack’ the brain of the vehicle and are able to bypass the vehicles integrated security protocols. This is genuine industry hardware used in a sinister way by a thief, it is not illegal to own these devices nor for companies to sell them, furthermore there is no licencing required or checks to confirm legitimacy of buyers. This equipment is readily available through multiple resellers online.

Most of these devices are pre-programmed so that when they plug into a vehicle, the alarm is turned off during the ‘hacking’ process. Once ‘hacked’ these devices usually then program a new key or trick the vehicle into thinking the key is already present. In many instances this process can take less than 30 seconds before the thief can drive the vehicle away.

Please note that the images are of an older product - the new ones have a longer lead to allow you to hide the plug further away if you wanted to

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