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7740k Focus 04-11 Rear Sway bar 22mm 7pcs

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Development, marketing and manufacturing:
At Hardrace we focus on the development, marketing and manufacturing of reinforced suspension products that are widely used in street and race applications, we dedicate our passion and expertise to propose the best quality products on the market. From control arms with harden rubber- or pillow ball bushings, to ball joints. Hardrace offers a wide variety of suspension parts for over 5000 car applications making the odds we have something for your car; most likely!

Hardrace prides itself for its continues development in new products, whereas it initially started with the fabrication and distribution of just harden rubber bushings, it soon entered the aftermarket performance industry starting with a number of items for the Honda Civic EG. Visiting many shows and races to make Hardrace a well-known and popular brand.

Continuing our success, we managed to develop our own sway bars and (adjustable) end links to accompany them. We developed sway bars with a hollow structure making them lighter compared to solid sway bars. But they maintain the same torsional rigidity due to a larger diameter. To increase the additional value of adding a Hardrace sway bar even more, we offer a lifetime-warranty on them.

Finally, we developed our own strut bars. Having the same characteristics as the sway bars, making them the better choice if you want to increase the rigidity without adding unnecessary extra weight to the car. Similar to the sway bars, we also offer lifetime-warranty on our strut bars!

Quality, reliability and stability of the reinforced parts are our priority. Because all products are installed under the car, it carries its weight and strength. So weak suspension parts can lead to loss of control, and a disaster can happen. To prevent this, quality is key to guarantee safety. All products are examined with a Rotor less Rheometer and Tensile Strength Tester to ensure quality and stability. To back up the trust we have on our products, we offer extended warranty for certain categories exceeding the legal standard of 2 years.

Tested by professional drivers
Speed and strength alone do not form a fast lap time. A combination of a well-tuned, balanced car with 100% accuracy when cornering, always gives better lap times. Hardrace products are tested at the track under extreme conditions. According to the feedback, we respond and make the necessary modifications until the demanded results are accomplished.

Chassis Improvements without affecting the original specifications
Hardrace ensures that the products will improve and reinforce the chassis of the vehicle without affecting the original chassis specifications. Through 3D technology, the angle, dimension, shape and operation of new products are simulated to improve the design accurately.

If you aim for quality, reliability and stability, we are sure you will enjoy our products.

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