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4 Quarts tank + Float switch

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4 Quarts tank + Float switch

This 4 quart tank tank will stand up to the heat of any engine bay.

Choose this tank if you have plenty of space and want a high quality tank.

Dimensions are 10" x 8 1/2" x 4 1/4".
So It's best suited for trunk placement.

This tank can be used for any alcohol water mix. It's 100% methanol compatible. This tank features a 2 1/4" opening for easy fill up. Cap is included.

This tank does not come with fitting installed.


Self Seal Float Switch can easily be mounted in your alcohol/water tank. You just drill a 7/8"hole and slip it threw. Then just tighten the attached nut to provide a leak free seal. Others on the market need to be dropped in from the fill hole and then use a nut to tighten it to the tank. This is simply the easiest on the market to install.

Design Features?

  • Material:Polypropylene,PVDF
  • Max.pressure:10bar
  • Max.temperature:100
  • Liquid density:from 0.6g/ml on

Design Features ?

  • High or low level sensing by rotating through 180º
  • Internal fitting
  • Reed Switch reliability
  • Buna-N sealing components
  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for a wide range of liquids

Can be used with our controller as a warning system, Connect this level switch to the chassis ground with one of it's wires and the other to the pumps ground wire. When the level drops the fault light on the controller will activate when the system sees your start point of boost. Or this can be wired to an led light.

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